Successful Actions

What makes some days better then others?  

Sometimes it’s all the little things we do throughout the day that makes the difference.  It not just the way we look at ourselves and how the day’s going to be; many times it’s the actions we take from the time we get up until the time we wind-down that make the difference.  It’s what we manifest not just with our thoughts but our actions.

Some things I have found that make a difference is starting being well rested.  Not always that easy.  It’s what we do throughout the day and evening that can determine getting adequate rest.  Rise well rested and get a big glass of water, best at room temperature with a little lemon.  Doing some qigong, yoga or tai chi is a great way to wake the body up and start feeling better.  This can be 10-20 minutes.  Next cook a clean breakfast and plan to achieve your daily goals.  Set in place the daily small steps that will accomplish your long term goals.  Be clear on your goals, write them out and rewrite them when needed.   

Throughout the day make sure to snack on fats and protein.  We want to get our energy from burning fat not sugar.  Make sure each meal is balanced and stay away from drinks full of sugar.  Many people drink way too many calories.  Up the nuts and nut-butters, and if you get a sweet tooth, eat some fruit.  Yogurt, fruit and granola is a great desert or snack.  Be creative, find what works, and repeat.   

Take notice of those things that you do that make you feel better about yourself whether it’s your health, your family, or your business.  Refer to these as success actions and keep doing them.  If working out makes you feel better, keep doing it.  Hit the gym and lift some weights if that’s your thing.  Go swimming or a jog in nature.  If reading daily helps your outlook on things, keep doing it.  If you’re happy, you’ll more then likely do better at work and help keep your family happy.

Meditation is highly recommended, it doesn’t matter if it’s only 5 minutes a day. Whether you sit in lotus stance or sit in a lazy boy, just sit and quiet the mind. I can tell the difference in those around me when they are staying on top of their own successful actions.  Take notes, make plans, set goals and attack them.  

Enjoy the journey!