mma bartIron Mantis stand-up training combines striking while focusing on takedown defense.  You will learn effective takedowns while staying on your feet.   Learn how to deal with multiple attackers while keeping yourself and your family safe.  The blocking, punching and kicking techniques are practiced for self-defense, general heath and fitness.

Over the years I have trained with many military self-defense instructors, world class MMA coaches from UFC, Pride, K1, top BJJ professors and Olympic Wrestling Coaches. I have taught full-contact athletes and champions with these techniques.  With my 40 years of experience in street and competion fighting my focus is on what works.  For realistic sparring situations, or just practicing the self-defense aspects I can help you hit your goals.  My focus is more on self-defense then competition but for those who want to compete I can help you.  If you want to take your skills to the next level I can help you.

– Jeff Hughes