adrian bjjIron Mantis grappling system focuses on wrestling and ground fighting for self defense more so then just competition.  You can be trained with a tradition uniform called a Gi or without a Gi.

Competition breeds champions and  I have produced many champions over the years but I don’t just focus on that.  I am interested in people who want to learn the art of self-defense and learn traditional effective techniques while developing high moral values.

Learn take-down defense, takedowns, how to fall without getting hurt and how to get back to your feet safely.  Once on the ground learn how to defend yourself with these techniques.  Learn how to control your opponents weight, apply joint-locks like arm-bars, shoulder locks, and wrist locks.  Learn chokes like rear naked choke, bat chokes and cross chokes.  Iron Mantis is a martial arts system with so many benefits.  My focus in teaching is health, fitness and self-defense.  I am also the KORE Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Texas chapter president.  For those who want to ficus only on BJJ I teach and rank students in that as well.

– Jeff Hughes