Jack of All Trades…

People are training martial arts in too many places these days.  

karate5I never saw this growing up.  It takes a lot to be a highly skilled, well-rounded black belt in any one style.  It takes dedication to that art to reach the highest levels. I see people who take their boxing class at one gym, their fitness at another, then grappling at yet another gym.  They say they don’t have enough time to commit to the work needed to mastery of an art, yet they are driving all over town going to and from each spot.  Too many think they know better then their teacher.  You can train two lifetimes and never achieve your goals if you are scattered all over the place.

I feel so many young people have watched the MMA fighters on TV training in all these different gyms and feel they to need to do this as well to get good.  Many should watch less TV and Facebook and train more.  

For the average student looking to learn a self-defense art that will improve their life, stick to your system and master it.  

Health and happiness follow doing something you love.  Too many young martial artists start to get a little good at the art, then it goes to their head and they think they are better then their master.  “Bad idea!”

The first step is the most important step:  find a master then commit yourself 100% to him or her.  

karate6Someone who has earned the title of Sifu, Sensei, Kru or Professor is a great start.  There are many “coaches” and fake black belts out there who are not qualified to help you; do not waste your time with them.  

Paying a cheaper price may be a red flag.  Like most things you get what you pay for.  Do not waste your time or money on mediocre martial arts and fitness training.

If it’s easy, that’s also a red flag.  Every day at the school should be a battle, a true test.

It does not matter what style of martial arts you chose because one style is not better then another.  It’s the teacher you chose to follow that matters.  Teachers who trained long enough to earn a legit title usually means they have put in the time under another master and leaned the techniques, respect, patience, morals and ethics.  These qualities are very important.  Be clear on what you want then commit.

Once you join a martial arts school, you will make friends, and then in time you will have a new family.  

Your friends at the school become brothers and sisters, your teacher becomes your Sifu and you listen and trust the teachings. You will have good days and bad days.  This is life; man-up (or woman-up) and handle it.  

In time, you start to lead by example just like those students who helped you along the way.  It’s not only the teacher that leads the way, but his top students that also show you the way.  You learn how to communicate in a different way, the dojo way.  It’s a higher road to follow.  The path has many rewards but you must stay on the path so you don’t get lost. You must pay with blood, sweat and tears.  There is no other way.

It’s never too late to get back on track once you have stopped.  

kung-fu-wpsDon’t beat yourself up; get back into the school and let your classmates do that for you.  Set your goals within a school – usually it starts with achieving a black belt.  Set this goal and along the way your health improves, your mind clears up, you become stronger and more flexible.  

For those already a black belt, set your goals for beyond black belt training.  Maybe one day earning the title of Sifu or Master will be possible.  What ever your goal is, whatever your age is, stay focused and follow your teacher to the end.  

Simplify your life.

– Master Hughes