21 Steps to Win the Fight

The goal is to hit and not be hit.  Easier said then done.  Here are some things to think about.

  1. Manipulating the range with footwork
  2. Body and head movement is a must  
  3. Moving to a position of advantage 
  4. Nullifying your opponent attacks  
  5. Using effective combinations will save you a lot of energy and time
  6. Make sure to use different angles for attacks
  7. Use fakes and feints
  8. Exploit a door to open another door
  9. Vary your attacks
  10. Try to knock your opponent out before you have to wrestle or get into trapping hands
  11. When they try to hit you damage their limb.  When you block you are also attacking, make sure after each attack when they pull their arm or leg back it is hurt, they’ll think twice about doing it again.  
  12. Be constantly moving, footwork training and body movement will save your liver and your money maker.  
  13. Every strike does not have to be a knock-out punch
  14. Remember to set the table with a jab
  15. Use combinations that set-up your knock-out strikes.  
  16. If you get a knock-out along the way through your combo then hell ya!
  17. Remember you can set-up your opponents by looking vulnerable, one hand lies while the other tells the truth, all the time setting them up.  
  18. Strike low when you want to hit high
  19. Attack left when you want to go right.  
  20. Be patient but also hit hard when it’s time.  
  21. Only use fakes and feints after you have landed a damaging strike, give them something to remember.  

Have fun while you train because a real street fight and matches are serious and can be life threatening.

Sparring at the dojo is a safe environment, enjoy it, be playful, be creative.  

Remember when you are stressed you cannot problem solve.  Train yourself to deal with the constant pressure whether from strikes, takedowns and ground because when you need it it will not magically appear unless you have been training against it.  

Old school is the roots of all martial arts being taught these days.  Old school should mean it’s proven to work. Make sure what you are practicing is proven to work in this day on the streets and in competitions at the highest levels.  Train your body, get fit, turn into a machine but also train your mind.  These don’t always go hand in hand.  Further develop your spirit through old and new training methods.  

Life is good never stop learning.

Sifu Hughes