18 ways to hit your goals

Discipline of the mind, body and spirit (“the three battles”).

Discipline in a training hall is as equally important as discipline outside of it.  We are martial artists full-time. Martial artists must learn to lead by example – mentally, physically and emotionally.  You do this by the living the Bushido Way.  Bushido is the way of the warrior, like the knights of Europe.  The way represents moral values and strict discipline.



  1. It’s important to have an excellent role model when aspiring to become a great martial artists.  
  2. Know the different martial arts styles and understand the benefits of each.
  3. Reading daily and listening to motivational audios and videos should be part of your day.  
  4. Building a strong mind, developing a non-quiting spirit and following through on your goals.


5.  Understanding the importance of diet and nutrition is crucial.

6.  Find a proven fitness expert and hit the weights at least three times a week.

7.  Work on your technique to prevent injuries.

8.  Train correctly to further develop speed and explosiveness.  

9.  It’s essential to have a training program that is well-rounded.  

10.  Start your day off with a big clean meal.

11.  When hitting the gym, make sure to take your pre-workout drink, warm-up adequately, push it hard in the workout then cool-down and immediately drink your post work-out drink.  Within 90 minutes have a big clean meal.

12.  Knowing how to counter injuries with preventative methods like a clean diet, therapy, stretching is a must for longevity.

13.  I recommend acupuncture, chiropractic and massage therapy weekly or at least monthly.


14.  Build your spirit through the day to day training.

15.  Your spirit comes from within, it’s something you give, it’s something your teacher cannot give you.  Your teacher can lead the way but you must do the work.  

16.  Get excited, get pumped and enjoy the journey.


17.  Uphold the virtues handed down from one master to another. Listen, take the advice, then one day you may be able to help another by passing on the knowledge.  

18.  You will never hit your goals if you keep coming up with excuses. Work through the tough times, work around the injuries and make it happen.


A healthy body yields a happy life.  Enjoying the time with friends and family, being able to train day after day with your training partners is a gift.  Knowing how to counter injuries with preventative methods like a clean diet, therapy and correct training will help you achieve all your goals.  Never give up.  Life is good, have fun!

Train hard, Train Smart, Finish Healthy

Jeff Hughes